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Gutirrez declara la emergencia relacionada con el tema bancario

El 15 de abril, el presidente Gutirrez declar el estado de emergencia, disolviendo la Corte Suprema y ciertos derechos de los ecuatorianos. De acuerdo a fuentes del Gobierno, una de las razones para la declaracin fue que la Corte estaba planeando emitir una orden de prisin de los directores del Banco del Pichincha y permitir el retorno de sus rivales, los banqueros fugitivos Roberto y William Isaas, quienes formalmente administraron Filanbanco. Nosotros encontramos esta afirmacin muy dudosa.

id: 30916
date: 4/16/2005 14:09
refid: 05QUITO839
origin: Embassy Quito
classification: CONFIDENTIAL
This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available.

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C O N F I D E N T I A L QUITO 000839
E.O. 12958: DECL: 04/15/2015
Classified By: Ambassador Kristie A. Kenney, Reasons 1.4 (b),(d)
1. (C) Summary.  President Gutierrez April 15 declared a
state of emergency, suspending the Supreme Court and certain
constitutional rights of Ecuadorians (septel).  According to
GOE sources, one of the reasons given for the declaration was
that the Ecuadorian Supreme Court was about to arrest
directors of the Banco de Pichincha and allow the return of
their rivals, and fugitive bankers, Roberto and William
Isaias, who formerly ran the failed Filanbanco bank.  We find
this rationale rather dubious.  End Summary.
Declaration of Emergency

2. (C) President Gutierrez told the Ambassador April 15 that
he declared the state of emergency because he learned that
the Supreme Court was about to order the arrest of the
directors of Ecuador's largest bank, the Banco de Pichincha.
(Note: see septel for other, non-economic reasons for the
declaration. End note.)  The Banco de Pichincha is run by the
Egas family, which also owns an Ecuadorian television
station.  In addition, newly nominated Ecuadorian Ambassador
to the United States Mauricio Pozo also has a brother who is
an executive with the bank.  It was Pozo who first told the
Ambassador about the state of emergency.

Gutierrez Fears Collapse of the Government

3. (C) Another reason for the emergency declaration,
according to Gutierrez and other GOE officials is that the
Supreme Court was also about to dismiss pending charges
against fugitive bankers (now in the United States) Roberto
and William Isaias, allowing them to return to Ecuador
without threat of arrest.  The Isaias brothers once ran
Filanbanco, one of the banks that failed in the 1999-2000
banking crisis.  They still own a television channel as well.
 The brothers are alleged to have absconded with hundreds of
millions of dollars.  The GOE has made requests (some might
say half-hearted) to the USG for the return of the Isaias
brothers, either through extradition or deportation
The Feud

4. (C) There is no love lost between the Egas and Isaias
families.  Last fall the Egas family, using their television
station, broadcast a serial program on corruption in Ecuador.
 One of the episodes involved bank corruption and focused on
the alleged misdeeds of the Isaias brothers.  They offered
the Isaias brothers the opportunity to air their side of the
story.  Instead, the Isaias brothers, through their own media
sources, encouraged a run on Banco de Pichincha, which nearly
caused the collapse of the bank.  That incident was
eventually resolved through the intervention of the Catholic
5. (C) Gutierrez, who ran for president on an anti-corruption
campaign, had vowed to obtain the return to Ecuador of all
the fugitive bankers, including the Isaias brothers.  He and
others in his Government feared that the return of the Isaias
brothers would bring the fall of his administration.  The
head of the Supreme Court, a member of former Ecuadorian
President Abdala Bucaram's PRE party had only two weeks ago
dismissed criminal charges against Bucaram, former President
Gustavo Noboa and former Vice President Dahlik.  Gutierrez's
party has little influence of its own in the Supreme Court.
Rumors fly constantly about who is in the Isaias brothers'
pocket, and it is likely that many Ecuadorian politicians
have received funds from the brothers.  The prevalent rumor
in recent weeks has been that the Isaias' are close to
Bucaram, and that the next step by the Supreme Court
President would be to drop the charges against them.
6. (C) We think Gutierrez's emergency declaration is, at
minimum, an overreaction to the threatened action.  It may
have also been the result of over-confidence by Gutierrez,
having just witnessed the failure of a proposed nation-wide
strike against him.  The Ambassador has asked Gutierrez and
the opposition to show restraint and work together toward a
peaceful resolution to this latest crisis.

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